1st Year

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”
Andy Warhol

It’s 12:02 AM here and i still awake due to the quiz i’ll take tomorrow.

I really don’t know why my fingers keep me doing this thing, and i don’t know why my heart encouraging me to write. Actually, i really don’t know what kind of thing i should share here at this time when i have to studying instead typing. It just both my heart and fingers doesn’t synchronize well with my mind.

Without further ado, i believe that my heart want me to share anything here and here we go, i’ll share something.

Many people say that high school life is the most precious time in your life, and many people say that college life is like a big mess that you’ve to face everyday. But, i don’t think so. I’ve undergone my past first year to studied in college, and i guarantee you that i’ve got a lot of things here. I didn’t say that high school life i’ve passed wasn’t that precious (i also passed a lot of wonderful memories when i was in high school) but here in college, within only a year i got a lot of things, a really lot of experience, and lot of trouble,  joy, and anything that have been transformed me into someone different.

A year ago, i was a new student who was tried to adapt with my new environment, new friend, new habit, and new situation. Everything in my college were really  different with my life in high school. I was a stiff person at high school, i was thought that the most important thing for student is achieve highest score, and success in academic field. But, after i entered my faculty i realized that academic field can’t guarantee you for becoming a success person in the future. You have to be able to do stuff that can help you at find a job. Then, I contributed my self in  series of event for new student, ranging from scientific competition (Kompres Maba), sports competition (Olimfis), and art competition (Gelas Maba), and tried to contributed more on SALT, involved my self in some committees, made relations, and still focus on lecture i took.

I was really tired at first because i never involved myself in these kind of events. I was so perplexed at managed my time, and in particular situation i became a deadliner (which i never). Everything at those time were really draining, i should adapted with my new time for sleep, and should did anything i never done before. I became a grumbler at that time, temperament, and blamed other people.

Time passed by, and i’ve realized that all stuffs i’ve done until now are really wholesome. I feel more mature now, i’ve pledged to myself that i won’t grumble for any task i have to do, i won’t be an overthinker because it drain my mind, and now i also see any problems through any perspectives rather than draw conclusions quickly.

The point is i’m really grateful for the path i’ve walked, the time i’ve passed, friends i’ve met, and problems i tried to solve in this past one year. Be an active person at your college is really worthwhile, it doesn’t waste your time because it gives you such a wonderful skill, experience, and knowledge directly or indirectly. The quotes i’ve typed on the beginning of this text is to remind that you are the best agent to change yourself as long as you want.

Good luck for new collegers! I


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